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IELTS Canada

Canada is one of the most popular English-speaking countries. The immigration authority also requires an IELTS for Canada score when allowing immigrants to stay in the country.

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IELTS is one of the world’s most popular high-stakes English language tests, with over three million tests taken in the past year. And it’s a global passport to studying and working in Canada. IELTS is accepted by all universities, colleges, and professional associations across Canada.

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Generally, people move to Canada for mainly two reasons.

A) Advance Education.

B) Finer Job Opportunity.

Now if you want to move there, you need to know the reason. Why do you want to go to the country?
Once you get your answer, the next step would be to choose between the two options.

IELTS General Exam
IELTS Academic Exam

IELTS General Exam– If you want to move to Canada in search of a better job profile as an
immigrant, this is the exam you need to appear for.

IELTS Academic Exam– If you want to start or continue your study at a reputed school, college,
university in Canada, you should sit for this one.

The minimum IELTS score for Canada 2021

A student needs to have a minimum of 6.0 or above if he or she is applying for a student visa
to study in Canada’s educational institute. In each of the four modules, a student needs to score
at least 5.5. For a graduate student, the score slightly differs as one needs to score a minimum
of 6.5 in overall IELTS. This should include a minimum of 6 in all four modules.


Information for candidates:

The TEF Canada consists of 4 modules: listening, speaking, reading and/or writing.

Written comprehension (reading): 60 minutes – 50 questions – 300 points
Oral comprehension (listening): 40 minutes – 60 questions – 360 points
Written expression (writing): 60 minutes – 2 topics – 450 points
Oral expression (speaking): 15 minutes – 2 topics – 450 points

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